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We sell many products for the home, including wall clocks, door mats, essentials for the bathroom and much, much more.

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Doff Citronella Incense Sticks (pack of 40)
The Doff Citronella Incense Sticks (pack of 40) come with an incense holder. The incense stic..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Doff Crack & Crevice Ant Powder 200g
Doff Crack & Crevice Ant Powder is an insecticide powder for use against ants, cockroaches, e..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Doff Greenhouse, Loft & Garage Fumigator 3.5g
Doff Greenhouse, Loft & Garage Fumigator kills fleas, flies and bed bugs and is for amateur a..
Ex Tax: £6.39
Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda 500g
Bicarbonate of Soda cleans and freshens around your home. Cleaning: Use the powder as a m..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Dri Pak Soda Crystals 1kg
Dri Pak Soda Crystals are a traditional & trusted multi-purpose cleaner and laundry aid. ..
Ex Tax: £1.17
Dri Pak White Vinegar 500ml
Dri Pak White Vinegar Spray is perfect for extra tough cleaning and descaling tasks. Surf..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Duracell Plus Power AA/LR6/1.5V Alkaline Batteries x 8
The Duracell Plus Power AA Batteries (pack of 8) give quality, power and are guaranteed to last! ..
Ex Tax: £4.49
Dylon Fabric Dye (all colours) 50g
Dylon Fabric Dye is a fantastic way of brightening up your wardrobe! The pack is bursting wit..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Dylon Spray Starch 300ml
Dylon Spray Starch restores the crisps, fresh look of fabric and speeds up ironing. When fabr..
Ex Tax: £2.20
E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth
The E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth is perfect for cleaning with just water. The e-cloth removes thick ..
Ex Tax: £2.49
Energizer 123 3V Lithium Battery (CR123A / CR17345 / DL123A / EL123AP)
The Energizer 123 Lithium 3 Vault Battery is long life and is ideal for camer..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Energizer 6 LED Headlight
The Energizer 6 LED Headlight gives you 33m vision in the dark. The headlight gives improved ..
Ex Tax: £16.95
Energizer A23 12V Alkaline Battery (E23A / GP23A / LRV08 / MN21 / V23GA)
The Energizer A23 Alkaline 12 Vault Battery is long life and is ideal for cameras, TV remotes and..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Energizer CR2 3V Lithium Battery
Energizer CR2 3V Lithium Batteries are long life and can be used in cameras, torches and various ..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Eveready 6V/4R25/996 Lantern Battery
The Eveready 6V/4R25/996 Battery contains 0% Mercury-Cadmium. The popular battery comes with ..
Ex Tax: £4.29
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