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Alexanders of Welshpool stock a wide range of polishes, waxes, sprays and many other popular cleaning products.

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Kuhn Rikon Swiss Shaver (cleaner for ceramic hobs)
The Kuhn Rikon Swiss Shaver is a cleaner for ceramic hobs. The Swiss Shaver will remove burnt..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Lady Jane - The Ultimate Scourer
Lady Jane is the ultimate scourer! Ideal for non-stick Scours without scratching (n..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Leather Silk Non Silicone Spray
Non Silicone Leather Silk is a leather shine and conditioner containing NO silicones which may af..
Ex Tax: £2.15
Lifebuoy Soap 85g
Lifebuoy Soap by Unilever is an extremely clean, healthy soap. The soap is anti-bacteria..
Ex Tax: £1.99
Liquid Gold Wood Reviver Wood Cleaner and Nourishing Oil 250ml
Liquid Gold Wood Reviver is the original and best! Liquid Gold is a wood cleaner and nourishi..
Ex Tax: £6.99
Lord Sheraton Caretaker Wood Balsam 75ml
Lord Sheraton Caretaker Wood Balsam comes with Beeswax, Pine Turpentine and Linseed Oil allowing ..
Ex Tax: £3.21
Lord Sheraton Leather Clean & Shine Wipes (24 wipes)
Lord Sheraton Leather Clean & Shine wipes with Aloe Vera & Pure Beeswax come in pack..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Maid Simple Done & Dusted Furniture Polish Spray 500ml
Maid Simple Done & Dusted Furniture Polish is a wax free polish with the homely fragrance of ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Maid Simple Laundry Soap 170g
Maid Simple Stain Shifting Laundry Soap cleans thoroughly yet its mild and gentle formula keeps y..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Maid Simple Let It Shine Glass & Mirror Cleaner Spray 500ml
Maid Simple 'Let it Shine' Glass & Mirror Cleaner Spray gives you a super sparkle and smear-f..
Ex Tax: £2.99
Manger's Sugar Soap 450g
Manger's Sugar Soap wipes away grease, grime and nicotine. The fast and easy way to a better ..
Ex Tax: £2.50
Marigold Cleaning Me Softly Scourer
The Marigold Cleaning Me Softly Scourer gives you tough cleaning without scratching and an easy t..
Ex Tax: £0.99
Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves
Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves are triple-layered to last longer. They also have roll-top..
Ex Tax: £2.19
Marigold Stainless Steel Pad
The Marigold Stainless Steel Pad comes with an easy rinse surface making it ideal for use on gril..
Ex Tax: £1.20
O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream
O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is guaranteed relief for dry hands that crack and split. ..
Ex Tax: £6.99
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