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Alexanders of Welshpool stock a wide range of polishes, waxes, sprays and many other popular cleaning products.

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Silvo Tarnish Guard Wadding Polish 75g
Silvo Tarnish Guard Wadding Polish 75g gives a longer lasting shine. Silvo wadding gives exce..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Sunlight Pure Soap (2 x 130g)
Sunlight Pure Soap has been trusted for over 100 years! Stain Removal - Sunlight Pure Soap he..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Tableau Barbecue Cleaner 500ml
Tableau Barbecue Cleaner spray removes baked-on grease from grills, griddles, and utensils. T..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Tableau Carbon Remover 250ml
Tableau Carbon Remover removes stubborn, baked-on grease and food splashes. The cleaner is id..
Ex Tax: £7.00
Tableau Copper & Brass Cleaning Cloth (44 x 31cm)
The Tableau Copper & Brass Cleaning Cloth (approximately 44 x31cm in size) cleans, polishes a..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Tableau Dark Wax Polish (100ml)
Tableau Dark Wax Polish (with beeswax and carnauba) is an easy-to-use soft, wax polish which..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Tableau Fabric Protector Spray (400ml)
Tableau Fabric Protector Spray (400ml) protects against oil and water-based spills and stains, id..
Ex Tax: £5.99
Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner 250ml
Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner is a deep cleaning foam for suede and leather. Tableau Foam Leat..
Ex Tax: £4.90
Tableau Fridge and Freezer De-Icer (200ml)
Tableau Fridge and Freezer De-Icer (200ml) easily reduces frost and ice using a fast acting formu..
Ex Tax: £3.76
Tableau Hot Iron Cleaner 30g
Tableau Hot Iron Cleaner removes deposits that cause drag for easy ironing with it's Easy-Glide f..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Tableau Leather Cream 200ml
Tableau Leather Cream cleans, feeds, protects and preserves antique and new leather. The natu..
Ex Tax: £5.15
Tableau Light Wax Polish (100ml)
Tableau Light Wax Polish (with beeswax and carnauba) is an easy-to-use, soft, light wax polish wh..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Tableau Matt Furniture Polish Spray 200ml
Tableau Matt Furniture Polish effectively removes fingermarks and dulling film from sealed and un..
Ex Tax: £5.55
Tableau Red Tile Polish (250ml)
Tableau Red Tile Polish is a coloured wax polish for unsealed tiles and floors. Tableau Red T..
Ex Tax: £8.26
Tableau Silver Cleaning Cloth
The Tableau Silver Cleaning Cloth cleans, polishes and gives long-lasting protection. The sil..
Ex Tax: £4.00
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